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Mardan Afrasiabi: Attract & Admit Immigration Reform

Tech notables including Mark Zuckerberg and elected officials are taking notice of a Mardan Afrasiabi call to action on immigration reform. Here is our conversation.
IP: Why did you write Restart Entrepreneurial Immigration?
Mardan Afrasiabi: Well, I initially started thinking about the ideas behind Restart Entrepreneurial Immigration in the 2005 time-frame after I sold my company Stonehouse Technologies to a global outsourcing firm called Symphony Services.   In my various visits to India, I saw first-hand the unbelievable entrepreneurial spirit of the young people there. 
IP: You are an immigration success story yourself,...

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Immigration Reform: What Might it Mean for Job Creation and Hiring?

Apr 16th, 2013 -
No doubt about it -- immigration reform, long-overlooked by Washington, is finally getting serious attention.
 “It would be extremely unlikely if we don’t have a signed law by August,” says immigration lawyer Justin Burton, partner at Kriezelman Burton & Associates. 
More and more members of Congress are jumping on the immigration reform bandwagon. And if politicians from both parties are to be believed, reform is coming soon, and it is going to...

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Immigration reform: Can Mark Zuckerberg and friends deliver?

Mark Zuckerberg and a cast of Silicon Valley players are entering the fray over immigration reform. But the new group, FWD.US, says it's also interested in promoting education reform and scientific research.
Washington’s bipartisan Gang of Eight senators are in what many hope is the endgame in the debate over immigration reform. But just in case, on Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg brought in a slew of major players to bring it all home.
He and an impressive roster of Silicon Valley luminaries have teamed up with political strategists from across the spectrum to launch a political action group on the issue. Since by most accounts some kind of reform package is likely,...

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